"The Brac" - A Caribbean Island with a High Living Standard and Easy Access

The Cayman Islands are located approximately 500 miles due south of Miami
and 150 miles west of Jamaica. The country consists of three small islands,
Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Here residents enjoy freedom
from taxation, a stable democratic government and one of the highest standards
of living in the world.
Cayman Brac is easily accessible from Grand Cayman. All major airlines fly into Grand
Cayman. Cayman Airways offers daily twin otter service and jet service on the weekends.

A Unique Landscape for You to Explore

Cayman Brac, the middle-sized island, is 12 miles long and a mile wide and is
home to around 1400 people. Dominating the island is a 140 foot bluff ("Brac"
is Gaelic for bluff ) which bisects the length of the island. Dotting the bluff are a
number of caves that have played an important part in the history of the island.
In earlier times, they provided shelter for the islanders from hurricanes. Today
they provide a refuge for the local bats and a cool escape from a hot afternoon
sun. The bluff has also resulted in the introduction of a new sport to the island
– rock climbing. Bolted routes are on both sides of the island at the eastern end
as well as over the bluff at Lighthouse Point.

Plenty To See and Do - An Adventure Awaits You

Bird life thrives on the island. The West End ponds provide a home for a variety
of herons, egrets and the West Indian Whistling Duck. Brown Boobies and
Magnificent Frigates can be seen soaring along the cliffs as they search out food
for their young.
Diving and snorkeling are the premier attractions on the island. Cayman Brac is
world renowed for its reef life and excellent visibility. A pristine coral reef
surrounds the entire island. Boat rides to the dive sites are short and the reefs
can be easily accessed from shore.

A Safe Relaxing and Unhurried Environment - Ideal for Families

There are no stop lights, traffic snarls or light polution on the Brac. Walk out on
a clear night and you can still see the Milky Way in all its finest or a startling
full moon lighting up the ocean, visible from almost anywhere on the island.
If you are looking for a safe, quiet relaxing retreat then you could find no better
island than Cayman Brac.