Island Living

You are thinking about buying a condominium on the Brac and you wonder what it would be like to live for several weeks on a small tropical island. What things will you miss? What will you be glad to leave behind? Well, unlike many small islands, Cayman Brac given its size has a remarkably well established infrastructure - due in most part to its small but enterprising population.

Healthy and Easy Living

Health wise, the island boasts a well-equipped hospital, dental clinic and eye clinic. You can rest assured that you will be well taken care of if you become ill or sustain an injury while on the island.

The island has a fine day care facility, library and administration center. Paved roads connect these services and the lines on the roads are meticulously painted by hand! Jobs like this keep everyone employed and maintain a safe, comfortable standard of living on the island.

Water is provided to the condominiums from a water plant on the island and a diesel power plant provides electricity. With few storms to worry about and good weather year round, you will probably find that the power fails less here than back on the mainland!

Food and Supplies

Food and other supplies are shipped once a week by barge from Grand Cayman. Normally this works just fine and fresh produce, meats, and other sundries are readily available. If the seas are very rough, however, the barge may miss a week and you will have less choice at the market, especially fresh dairy and produce. There are several restaurants on the island. They vary from the Captain's Table, which serves excellent American cuisine to Aunt Sha’s that specializes in a variety of local

Getting Around

Driving is on the left-hand side of the road. There is a mixture of right and left-hand drive cars. Owning a car on the island is not a problem but you might want to consider investing in a bicycle. You will be able to get anywhere on the island, enjoy a superb ride and get some great exercise as well. By the way, there are no traffic lights on the Brac!

Is It For You
So, is island life for you? Generally speaking, island life is a lot less complicated than on the mainland. Things move at a much more reasonable pace here. You are lot closer to nature and perhaps know your neighbour even better than at home. If you can handle the fact that you can't get fresh cilantro in the store every week and that big six-screen cinema is replaced by a night sky packed with a million stars, then island life is for you. If you ever wanted to give it a try, then Cayman Brac is the place to do it!